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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Franklin Elementary School!

Franklin serves families in the Bay Creek, Bram Addition, Vilas, Bay View, Dudgeon-Monroe, Greenbush, South Campus, Regent and the Brittingham neighborhoods. Franklin Elementary welcomes about 400 children in 4-year-old kindergarten through grade two each year. We are an inclusive school, welcoming everyone to our learning community.

Since 1984, Franklin has been a partner school with Randall Elementary, a unique arrangement in that children from two school attendance areas join for pre-kindergarten through second grades at Franklin and third through fifth grades at Randall.

A student is pictured sitting on the classroom rug.

Mission: Students at Franklin will be prepared with the academic, social, emotional and interpersonal skills necessary for success after high school. Our students will be academically prepared to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. They will have strong social and emotional skills such as self-awareness and decision making. They will also have the interpersonal skills and cultural competencies to be ready for full participation in a diverse community.

Two students enjoy their lunch in the cafeteria.

Equity Vision: We believe all students will succeed when given tools, confidence, choice, access and support. Every person has a right to feel safe and engaged. We value and affirm the cultures and differences that make up our school community. Everyone belongs at Franklin and Randall Elementary Schools.