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2022-23 Arrival and Dismissal

2022-23 Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and dismissal may look a little new to some families this year, and familiar to others! We will be reimagining our arrival and dismissal routines for the 2022-23 school year.


All students will be dropped off in front of Franklin School (Lakeside Street). We will have staff ready to greet students and support them entering the school building.

Car Riders

All students being dropped off by car will pull up behind the yellow buses by the playground on Lakeside St. Staff will open up the car door for your student(s) and help them out of the car. Adults can stay in the car to ensure a smooth and quick drop-off in the morning.

Walkers and Bikers

If you or your student(s) are riding bikes to school, please either bring your bike onto the playground to pick up your child or park your bike in the rack outside of Door #1. Our kiddos are getting a little too close to the road for our comfort as they navigate around all of the big bikes and equipment to get to their cars.

When students enter the school in the morning, they will have the option to pick up breakfast in the cafeteria. They will take their breakfast right to their classrooms to eat. This offers students a chance to get to know their peers and teachers. Breakfast will be served from 7:15-7:30am.

Late Arrivals

When your student is arriving to school late (after 7:30a), please drop them off at Door #1 on Lakeside Street (door closest to the playground). They will be greeted by school staff, and go to their classroom to start their day.


All students will be dismissed in front of Franklin School (Lakeside Street). We will have staff available to support students during dismissal.

At dismissal, we will have buses parked on Lakeside Street for students. All students being picked up after school will meet their adult on the playground/blacktop. Families and caretakers should park their vehicle and walk to meet their student(s) on the playground/blacktop.

Early Pick-up

Please try to keep early pick-ups to a minimum. Early pick-ups after 2:15p (12:45p on Mondays) will need to wait until dismissal time per district policy unless it is an emergency.

Safety Reminders during Arrival and Dismissal

Do not make a U-turn in the middle of Lakeside Street. All students will be dropped off and picked up in the front of the school along Lakeside Street and safety is our biggest priority. Please follow all traffic laws when dropping off and picking up students. We have a crossing guard on the corner of Lakeside and Rowell. Please, only cross at that crosswalk instead of navigating behind the buses and crossing in the middle of Lakeside St. We recognize that this may be out of the way, but keeping you and your students safe is our first priority. Thank you for modeling this for your students and helping us keep our Franklin School community safe. During arrival and dismissal times at Franklin, do not bring family pets to school. During these times of the day, there are many students walking around and students may be afraid or allergic to animals, especially dogs. Please walk your bikes on school grounds to keep our students and staff safe. At dismissal the playground will be open for you to wait for your child with your bike.

Thank you for all of your flexibility and kindness. We are so grateful that you are here with us!

The Franklin Staff