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Madison Metropolitan School District

Welcome to Franklin

2022-2023 Kindergarten Orientation

Exterior of Franlin Elementary school

Meet the Teachers

Franklin Schedule

  • Start: 7:30 AM
  • Monday Early Release Dismissal: 12:55 PM
  • Dismissal: 2:27 PM

Arrival. Breakfast, and Soft Landing

  • All students will enter on Lakeside St.
  • Car arrivals will begin along the playground, staff will help open doors, and parents will remain in cars
  • Bus arrivals get dropped off in front of the building
  • Walkers may be dropped off on Lakeside St at Door 1 or 2
  • Bus and Walker Drop off: Door #2
  • Students can get a breakfast from school or bring from home
  • Students will go into their classrooms beginning at 7:15 for Soft
  • Landing and Breakfast. The bell rings at 7:30 to start the day
  • Students can choose to have breakfast and/or socialize with friends
  • All school doors are locked due to security measures; any parents entering the school must go through Door #1 on Lakeside St. and sign in in the office
  • It is normal for difficult transitions. There will be many staff
  • members to help if your child is having trouble saying goodbye.

All students being dropped off by car will pull up behind the yellow buses by the playground on Lakeside St. Staff will open up the car door for your student(s) and help them out of the car. Adults can stay in the car to ensure a smooth and quick drop-off in the morning.

smiling frankling student eating breakfast


  • Franklin student eating lunch
    Load money onto your child's account by sending a check (made out to Food & Nutrition or Franklin Elementary) or cash to school OR online at
  • Children choose lunch right away in the morning, and are reminded of their decision at lunch time
    • School lunches include milk
    • If a child brings a lunch from home, they can buy a milk from school
  • Lunch was in the classrooms this year. We are still working through lunch plans for 2022-2023.

There are allergy-friendly options! Make sure to register your child's allergy in infinite campus



Snack varies between classes - some designate a child to bing snack each day, while others have families send individual snacks with their child each day

  • We have hand-washing routines and snack time built into our schedules
  • Think about a snack that is simple for your child to transport to school, open, and eat in about 5-10 minutes.
  • You will get more information from your classroom teacher about snack routines for your child's class
  • We always have extra snack at school!

We may have allergy restrictions. Your child's teacher will let you
know in the fall

Dismissal Routine

  • Dismissal is at 12:55 every Monday
  • Dismissal at 2:27 Tuesday-Friday
    • Classroom teachers will work with families to know end of day plans
    • 5K students who ride the bus can be dropped off without an adult present
    • It is crucial you speak to a person at Franklin if end of day plans change for the same day (do not email/leave voicemail please)
    • Pickup is on the playground

At dismissal, we will have buses parked on Lakeside Street for students. All students being picked up after school will meet their adult on the playground/blacktop. Families and caretakers should park their vehicle and walk to meet their student(s) on the playground/blacktop.

Student getting ready to get on the bus

Supporting Your Kindergartener

  • Here are ways to help make your child's kindergarten experience even better!
  • 5 year olds need 10 to 13 hours of sleep each night.
  • Practice responsibility and independence. You may practice:
    • Handwashing, flushing, wiping
    • Opening lunches, eating with utensils
    • Cleaning up spills
    • Shoes, zippers, buttons, snow pants, mittens, and boots
  • Be on time! It may not seem important for a child to arrive right at 7:15, but we are setting up lifelong routines. Children who are tardy often:
    • Struggle to start their day
    • Cause mix-ups with lunch counts
    • Are losing opportunity for social and academic growth


  • In typical school years, Franklin offers many ways for you to volunteer! For example:
    • Sort books
    • At lunch and recess
    • In your child's classroom as the year progresses
    • Field Trips
  • MMSD asks for volunteers to get a background check prior to volunteering through their website. It is an extensive process so you may want to begin now.
Franklin-Randall PTO Logo

Franklin-Randall PTO

K Playdates!

The PTO is hosting kindergarten playdates at Franklin!

  • August 13th 10:00am-11:30am
  • August 15th 10:30am-11:30am
  • August 22nd 5:30pm-7:00pm
  • August 28th 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • Visit the Franklin-Randall PTO website (
  • Sign up for the PTO listserv (go to and enter our email under the PTO email list)
  • Read the Franklin-Randall Newsletter (sent via email on Fridays)
  • Join the Friends of Franklin/Randall Elementary School Facebook page
  • Attend quarterly PTO membership meetings to learn about important issues affecting our kids and schools
  • Sign up to help with PTO sponsored school events: Glow Ball, Science Day, Winter Carnival...

Picture Tour of Franklin!

Franklin students standing in front of lockers

Lockers and Materials

  • Materials list will be finalized and sent out, as well as posted on the website
  • Some materials will be shared and others may be individualized
  • Please make sure your child has a big enough backpack for their materials!

Kindergarten Classrooms

Empty kindergarten classroom at franklin
kindergarten classroom ready for learning
Kindergarten classroom full of students at Franklin

Morning Meeting

  • Message
  • Greeting
  • Share
  • Activity
Morning meeting at Franklin
Franklin kindergarten morning meeting


  • Learning through lessons, cooperative games, and exploration
  • Numeral writing and recognition to 20
  • Shape recognition and reasoning
  • Counting forwards, backwards, and on from a given number
  • Addition and Subtraction Problems
Students working on math at Franklin
two students working on a math problem
studnts using blocks to learn math
franklin literacy materials

Literacy Block

We are excited to launch a new literacy curriculum with our students next fall! In our first module, students will learn and practice behaviors for sharing and caring for classroom toys and interacting with peers

We will discuss norms and behaviors through structured conversations, role play, and guided discovery of toys, and analysis of the text Llama Llama Time to Share Toys Galore, Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon, and Playing with Friends

We will also learn through

  • Singing songs about playing together
  • Engaging in conversations with peers
  • Playing with toys and practicing how to share and take care of materials,
  • Writing and drawing

Foundations Skills Block

franklin students hard at work in a classroom

Students engage in a variety of work during skills block

  • Decodable books
  • Writing
  • Language development through exploration
  • Foundational games
  • Teacher-led groups
franklin studnets playing a game
Franklin students working together on a project
Franklin students building a tower together
Franklin students listing in a classroom


In Kindergarten we have two 30 minute recess periods per day!

This will be a great opportunity for you to volunteer at Franklin. More info coming this Fall.

playground equipment at Franklin
Franklin students playing four square
Franklin students playing in the sand


  • Plants and Animals
  • Forces and Pulls
  • Weather
students working on a science project
smiling students in a classroom
testing science experiments in the classroom
students in a classroom doing science experiements with balls and blocks


Each week students will have...

P.E. 90 minutes

Art 60 minutes

Library/Reach 60 minutes

Music 60 minutes

art class at Franklin
gym class at franklin
Music classroom at Franklin
Studnts having fun in a classroom
studnts in the gym at franklin

Outdoor Learning

We are working on expanding our outdoor learning spaces!

We continue to look for wavs to learn through exploration and observation.

Student in a circle outside Franklin
Studnets outdoors Franklin doing outdoor learning

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

looking into a gender nuetral bathroom
A gender nuetral bathroom at Franklin

After School Programs

Wisconsin Youth Company


Black Belt America

University Avenue Discover Center

We will compile more information about after school care in our area. We are hearing many things are full already.

What's Next?!

When Will I Find Out Who My Child's Teacher Is?

We will send an email to families on Thursday August 25th in the afternoon sharing information about class placement and other back to school information. We will host Ready, Set, Goal conferences the week before and the first week of school for your family to come visit the classroom and meet with the teacher

When Can I See The School?

Friday August 26th from 8-9am

We will host a 'Franklin Fly In' in August where your kindergartener can come meet staff, see their classroom, and the school! This is a great "first step' before the first day of school, where we will encourage kids to come in alone while families wait outside. Families will be able to see the classroom with their child at Ready, Set, Goal conferences and at open house this fall.

The first day of school for 4k and Kindergarten is Thursday, September 1st.
We begin at 7:30am and dismiss at 2:27pm. Doors open at 7:15am.


Keep an eye out for emails from Diane Kopan, our school secretary. The Franklin-Randall PTO may send out information on play dates as well. We will have opportunities to meet the teacher before school in August.

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Franklin staff in front of the school

Thank You!
We can't wait to meet and welcome your future falcons!