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Important update: To make up for recent school cancellations due to winter weather, we have added extra minutes to the school day as well as two more days of school for students --- March 18, 2019 and June 12, 2019. Because of this, the information on this page may be outdated. Please find details, including new start and dismissal times for some schools, at

school bell

Breakfast Program

7:30 AM in Gym/Cafeteria

Children going to breakfast are allowed into the building at this time, 7:30 AM.

Make payments to your child's account for breakfast and lunch at or send money to the main office. 

Beginning of the School Day

7:30 AM First Bell - Supervision begins, Buses arrive, Students arrive, Breakfast begins in the Gym/Cafeteria

7:37 AM Second Bell - Students are allowed into the building

7:45 AM Third Bell - Students need to be in their classrooms by this time.

If your child arrives to school after 7:45, the doors will be locked and a parent/guardian must walk the student into the building and to the office. The tardy child will receive a pink slip from the office which he/she will need to enter his/her classroom.

If your child comes to school after 8:00, it is a third of a day absence.

If your child leaves school before 2:17 (or 12:45 on Monday), it is a third of a day absence

End of the School Day

Monday is Early Release - Dismissal Bell - 1:10 PM

Tuesday through Friday - Dismissal Bell - 2:42 PM


        Make online payments at

        MMSD Food and Nutrition office 204-4001


             Tuesday - Friday

             AM Program 7:35 - 10:47

             PM Program 11:28 - 2:42


               All Students Outside 7:30-7:45

Lunch   11:35 - 11:53

First Grade

All Students Outside 7:30-7:45

Lunch: 11:15-11:33

Second Grade

All Students Outside 7:30-7:45

Lunch  11:56-12:13


All students will have an additional a.m. or p.m. recess.