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school bell

Breakfast Program

7:30 AM in Gym/Cafeteria

Children going to breakfast are allowed into the building at this time, 7:30 AM.

Make payments to your child's account for breakfast and lunch at or send money to the main office. 

Beginning of the School Day

7:30 AM First Bell - Supervision begins, Buses arrive, Students arrive, Breakfast begins in the Gym/Cafeteria

7:37 AM Second Bell - Students are allowed into the building

7:45 AM Third Bell - Students need to be in their classrooms by this time.

If your child arrives to school after 7:45, the doors will be locked and a parent/guardian must walk the student into the building and to the office. The tardy child will receive a pink slip from the office which he/she will need to enter his/her classroom.

If your child comes to school after 8:00, it is a third of a day absence.

If your child leaves school before 2:17 (or 12:45 on Monday), it is a third of a day absence

End of the School Day

Monday is Early Release - Dismissal Bell - 1:10 PM

Tuesday through Friday - Dismissal Bell - 2:42 PM


        Make online payments at

        MMSD Food and Nutrition office 204-4001


             Tuesday - Friday

             AM Program 7:35 - 10:47

             PM Program 11:28 - 2:42


               All Students Outside 7:30-7:45

Lunch   11:35 - 11:53

First Grade

All Students Outside 7:30-7:45

Lunch: 11:15-11:33

Second Grade

All Students Outside 7:30-7:45

Lunch  11:56-12:13


All students will have an additional a.m. or p.m. recess.